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Who a Smart Home is for




Homes with families


Renters & Airbnb hosts


Elderly and disabled



Security Camera

Increase Security

The new way of protecting your home is here, no more remembering to alarm your house or remembering to lock your doors. If set up properly, a Smart Home can automatically  arm itself and lock doors as soon as you leave, without you needing to do anything

Smart Door Lock

Automate chores

Certain chores which you probably do without even thinking about but take up most of your time can no be automated.


saves money

A Smart home is clever, it knows when you are in and when you aren't in, therefore as soon as you leave the house your home can arm itself, turn off all appliances and lights and turn the heating off. Your home will then welcome you home with a heated home and welcome lights.

Smile Emoji

peace of mind

You can check on your home wherever you are, at work, abroad, or at the cinema. Answer the door, be alerted to suspicious activity, mimic human activity and you can even control all your devices including your lights.

Our package

Smart Home Appliances

Homeowner package

Save money without having to think about it

Rather than buying individual Smart Home products, make the most out of them by enabling them to work together. These are just some of the possibilities;
  • Your heating automatically turns on or off when you leave or are due to arrive

  • Connect any device to control it from anywhere

  • Activate your heating for each room rather than the whole house


  • Smart Thermostat

  • 1 Smart Plug

  • Installation and Configuration                                                                       

  • Free 3 month Support

From: £299

Full Home Automation

By turning your full home into a smart home you can truly reap the benefits

Homes with families


protects your family

Know when your children have arrived back from school, you can be notified when they have arrived and can even welcome as soon as they approach the door. Also, no more rushing back from work, whilst they wait outside in the rain because "I've lost my keys", you can let them in remotely


impress your friends

Don't just impress your children, impress your friends. Turn your home into the best nightclub in town! Bring amazing coloured lights to your home and garden and dance the night away! - Make sure you find a babysitter first though

adds fun

A home with children needs fun, by adding colour and mood settings you can truly add a different dimension to those bed time stories. Or even turn your home into a party house with amazing flashing coloured lights

Parent Holding Child

brings your family closer

Play games together, make staying at home fun again.

Our package

Smart Home Appliances

Family Package

Entertain whilst protecting your family

Rather than buying individual Smart Home products, make the most out of them by enabling them to work together. These are just some of the possibilities;
  • Know when your son/daughter have returned from school                           

  • Automatically Lock the door

  • Create amazing colour in your favourite room


  • 2 Lightstrips

  • Smart Doorlock (Smart Home compatible)

  • Smart Home Hub

  • 1 Smart Button

  • Free 3 month Support

  • 1 Motion Sensor

  • 1 Door/Window Sensor                                                                              

From: £299


60% of guests would pay more with smart home devices

Smart TV

Smart Tvs

By simply having a Smart TV with a tv streaming service such as Netflix of Amazon Prime or Netflix, along with an accessible HDMI cable for connecting laptops or consoles can make your TV and your apartment more valuable to your guests.

Smart Doorbell

smart doorbell

By installing a Smart Doorbell you are keeping your guests and your property safe. You know who is coming in an out of the property. You can be alerted every time the doorbell rings. This can help you keep track of unreported extra guests or whether your guests have left.  

Security Camera

home security

Guest are often worried whether they will be safe staying in your property. A very easy way to differentiate yourself and to ease the guest worries is 

to include on your listing that you have a smart home security system installed. Easing their fears and turning them into a paid customer.

Smart Door Lock

Smart Locks

A smart lock allows you to let your guests in remotely or you can provide them with a code that allows them to enter during the duration of their stay. 45% of hosts state that their property is more secure with smart locks. Did you know 75% of guests were worried about their keys and 65% were worried that they would forget to lock up.

Our package

Smart Home Appliances

Airbnb package

Attract more interest and increase rent

Rather than buying individual Smart Home products, make the most out of them by enabling them to work together. These are just some of the possibilities;
  • Allocate Virtual Keys and control who comes and goes

  • Ensure your heating isnt on when the property isn't being rented

  • Rely less on guests locking doors, by ensuring they are locked automatically


  • Smart Doorbell                                                                                     

  • Smart Doorlock

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Free 3 month Support

From: £350

When selling your home


more likely to buy

81% of buyers are more likely buy a house if smart home devices are installed in a home they are interested in buying. As time passes smart home devices will be the deciding factor in buying a home or not.

Wow Emoji

'Wow' factor

Make your house stand out from the others, and give it that 'wow' factor. Imagine walking into a home with beautifully coloured lighting or knowing the home has smart home security, we certainly would be impressed.

Sell your home quicker

Just by investing in a small amount of smart home devices, the interest in your home is likely to rise. Tempt buyers with the ability to choose from over 16 million colours when lighting your room.

Automate chores

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Our package

Smart Home Appliances

SElling your home package

Sell your home faster by standing out

Rather than buying individual Smart Home products, make the most out of them by enabling them to work together. These are just some of the possibilities;
  • Give your house that wow factor by adding amazing colour to your home

  • Modernise your home and make it more appealing

  • Save your buyers money by helping them save on their heating


  • Smart Thermostat

  • Smart Doorlock

  • 2 Coloured Light Strips

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Free 3 month Support

From: £299

Those with disabilities 

The elderly

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