Let there be music


Why Smart speakers

outstanding quality 

Sonos are the ultimate wireless speakers that are perfect for Smart Home integration, but also provide rich, crystal clear sound perfect for listening to music, watching movies or playing video games. 

integrate into smart home

Sonos sound systems can be integrated into smart homes meaning all your connected devices work in partnership with each other. For example you are listening to music somone rings the door bell, normally you wouldnt hear with the music on but now the volume on your speakers turn down and inform you that someone is at the door. 

control with your voice

You can use your Sonos speakers to play and control songs, playlists and radio stations and can even play music from your chosen music provider, whether thats Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and many more.

act as siren

When your speakers are integrated into a smart home your can activate them to perform as sirens, or as detterants. So when your camera detects someone in the garden and you aren't in the speakers might play dog barking noises. But when one of your window or door sensors detect activity then a siren might sound. 

"Alexa, It's disco time...

You have friends round for a get together, you finish your meal and the wine has been flowing...you obviously want to impress them. You tell Alexa its "disco time", your lights dim, your perfect sounding multi room speakers come on with your favourite music. Your coloured lights turn into disco lights and the party has started! All of a sudden your home turns into a nightclub...your doorbell rings and the music automatically turns itself off...its your neighbour...They want to join in!

More SErvices

Turn your home into a smart home step by step


  • Great wow factor

  • Combine with home security

  • Automate your savings

Heating & Energy

  • Automatically Save Money

  • Heat rooms rather than whole home

  • Control wherever you are

Smart security

  • Deter Burglaries 

  • Peace of mind

  • Increase security by automating

We can turn your whole home into a smart home

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