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Why Smart lighting

save 30% off your lighting

Smart Lighting genernally saves energy purely because the majority of bulbs are LED meaning they are long lasting and not ask power consuming. But when integrated into a smart home you lighting can be automated, so when you leave the house all your lights come off (apart from the ones you decide to leave on for security reasons) when you return your lights come on saving yourself money on bills. 


Rather than having to turn your lighting off with a normal wall switch, you lighting can be controlled using your voice or can be automated. The ability to turn your lights off or set scenes using only your voice never gets boring, but better still not having to remember is even better. 

increase security

When Smart Lighting is automated it can prove to increase the security in your home. It can mimic human presense by randomly turning of and on set lights in your home, making it look as though someone is turning them on and off. You can also randomise the times the lighting comes on. When integrated into a smart home they can also act as warning lights to potential burglars. 

great A 'wow' factor

Smart Lighting has the potential to be dimmable and colourful, if you choose the correct set up you can choose from over 16 million colours. With a combination of light bulbs, light strips and other lighting devices you can add ultimate lighting to your home giving amazing effects. 


With the touch of one Fibaro button we are able to configure your system to perform bespoke actions. One press of a button might turn on all the lights on in the house. Two presses of the button might turn off all the lights in the house. Three presses of the button might set movie scene, where your lights dim 

Lighting for every occassion

Traditionally to automate your homes lighting the cost would have been substantial, we install wireless solutions (NOT WIFI) that allow us to still achieve the same goal as traditional systems, but for a fraction of the price and mess. We can automate your lighting based on scenes, or routines to create amazing lighting for every occasion. 

WHy Choose Us

Simplifying smart homes


We are Fibaro approved installers, which means we understand the system and the building the best solutions for you.

Reliable WIreless solutions 

No Internet needed to operate a Fibaro wireless home automation system. This clever wireless solution actually works better the more devices you have connected.

Costs less, does the same

Traditional smart homes had to be wired, and yes there are wired solutions out there, however large companies are seeing the benefit of wireless solutions.



When we install the devices, we don't need to rewire your house, whether you are developing a house or have a finished home. We don't need to knock down walls and can you even take it with you if you move


Products like Philips Hue are really great products, however if not done properly it can cost you a lot more than it should and also means that you have a number of different apps controlling different aspects of your home. With Fibaro everything is combined into one app, and can potentially be cheaper.

  • Lighting Automation - Automate your lighting based in scenes and routines. No motion detected in a room for 5 minutes? Turn the lights off, motion detected again, lights on. However don't worry you won't have to be waving your hands to turn the lights on.

  • Alarm Integration - By automating your lights you actually enable it to be added into other scenes not necessarily related to lighting, such as triggering your lights to flash red when someone tries to break in.

  • Increasesafety - Apart from the sound of an alarm, the detection of Carbon Monoxide or Smoke could lighten up the exit points to the exit in your house.

  • Scene Integration - With the Fibaro system we can create bespoke scenes for you based on your mood. With the touch a button you can activate the perfect pre configured relax scene.

  • Full voice control - Gone are the times of having to get up to turn the lights off. By automating your lights it automatically allows us to integrate your scenes and the control of your lights using Alexa or Google Home.

  • Works without internet  - Unlike Philips Hue, if you internet dies, the Fibaro hub still operates its automations. So the press of the button or the traditional flick of a light switch (Boring) still works. 



SMART Security

  • CCTV

  • Smart Locks

  • Smart Alarms

  • Smart Doorbells

Heating & Energy

  • Smart Thermostats

  • Zoned Heating

  • Blind and Curtain control

  • Self Learning


  • Home Cinema

  • Media Rooms

  • Multiroom Audio

  • Living Room Cinemas


  • Integrate your home

  • Automate chores 

  • Create the ultimate home


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