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Why Smart lighting

save 30% off your lighting

Smart Lighting genernally saves energy purely because the majority of bulbs are LED meaning they are long lasting and not ask power consuming. But when integrated into a smart home you lighting can be automated, so when you leave the house all your lights come off (apart from the ones you decide to leave on for security reasons) when you return your lights come on saving yourself money on bills. 

control with voice

Rather than having to turn your lighting off with a normal wall switch, you lighting can be controlled using your voice or can be automated. The ability to turn your lights off or set scenes using only your voice never gets boring.

increase security

When Smart Lighting is automated it can prove to increase the security in your home. It can mimic human presense by randomly turning of and on set lights in your home, making it look as though someone is turning them on and off. You can also randomise the times the lighting comes on. When integrated into a smart home they can also act as warning lights to potential burglars. 

great 'wow' factor

Smart Lighting has the potential to be dimmable and colourful, if you choose the correct set up you can choose from over 16 million colours. With a combination of light bulbs, light strips and other lighting devices you can add ultimate lighting to your home giving amazing effects. 

"Alexa, it's movie time"

Your lights dim, your curtains are drawn, the lights behind your TV turn on and your speakers come on...your home cinema!

How we can help you

Simplifying smart homes

We sell Individual 


We use and sell the best Smart Home products on the market. So whether you simply want to add to your existing Smart Home or want to take small steps in turning your home into a smart home, we can advise you the best way to achieve this.

We create Affordable packages

Although Smart Homes are now more affordable than ever, we understand that turning your home into a Smart Home can be daunting to start with, we have created easy to understand packages so that when the time is right for you can take your next step, and you can slowly, or very quickly turn your home into a smart home. We will ensure your devices work perfectly with each other and will demonstrate how you new devices work 

We Install 

and support

Whether you want your home turning into a smart home, or you would like help installing a smart thermostat or Smart Cameras, or even help you configure your Alexa, what ever the issue, if its 'smart' related we can help. We can help you turn your home into a Smart Home and ensure you know how it works before we leave.

Our other services

SMART speakers

  • Integrate into your Smart home

  • Sound in ever room

  • Control with your voice

Heating & Energy

  • Automatically Save Money

  • Heat rooms rather than whole home

  • Control wherever you are

Smart security

  • Deter Burglaries 

  • Peace of mind

  • Increase security by automating

contact us to find out more

Whether you have any questions or want a free quote, get in touch and we will happily help. Simply fill out the form below or call us on 07525431779 and we will get back to you ASAP!

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