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What is Smart Home Security

Automate your security

Forget or can't be bothered to turn your home alarm on every time you leave or before bed? Smart Home security automatically arms itself when it notices that everyone has left the house. It also automatically locks the doors and warns you if you have left any windows open

Deter Burglaries 

Rather than reacting to burglaries, deter them from happening in the first place. Get notifications when someone nears your house, or automatically perform actions such as setting the lights to flash red when someone is detected in your back garden. 

get peace of mind

Check on your house at all times, be notified when something unusual happens and even answer your door when you aren't in. A Smart Home can even warn you if there is a leak and automatically cut the water off saving you thousands £.

control using phone

Your whole smart home security can be controlled using your phone or tablet, wherever you are, providing you have internet access you can check in on your house and not have to rely on your neighbours

home alone your version

We are sure you have seen Home Alone, where a boy is left alone in his family home having to protect it against a couple of burglars. Hopefully you won't have to but now it's your turn. Imagine this, someone tries to get into your house via the back garden gate (although they probably won't even get to this far) your lights come on, your lights then start flashing red in your whole house. At this point they are probably wondering what is happening. Your Alexa then starts playing dog barking sounds, whilst you are watching from your phone and kindly ask them to leave.

How we can help you

Simplifying smart homes

We sell Individual 


We use and sell the best Smart Home products on the market. So whether you simply want to add to your existing Smart Home or want to take small steps in turning your home into a smart home, we can advise you the best way to achieve this.

We create Affordable packages

Although Smart Homes are now more affordable than ever, we understand that turning your home into a Smart Home can be daunting to start with, we have created easy to understand packages so that when the time is right for you can take your next step, and you can slowly, or very quickly turn your home into a smart home. We will ensure your devices work perfectly with each other and will demonstrate how you new devices work 

We Install 

and support

Whether you want your home turning into a smart home, or you would like help installing a smart thermostat or Smart Cameras, or even help you configure your Alexa, what ever the issue, if its 'smart' related we can help. We can help you turn your home into a Smart Home and ensure you know how it works before we leave.

we can turn turn your whole home into a smart home

Smart home security

More Ad-on Packages

Turn your home into a smart home step by step


  • Great wow factor

  • Combine with home security

  • Automate your savings

Heating & Energy

  • Automatically Save Money

  • Heat rooms rather than whole home

  • Control wherever you are

Smart Speakers

  • Multi room audio

  • Integrate into smart home

  • Act as siren and deterrent

Full smart home installations

Get in touch to find out more!

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