Protect your home & Family


Why Smart Home Security

Security Camera

Automate your security

Forget or can't be bothered to turn your home alarm on every time you leave or before bed? Smart Home security automatically arms itself when it notices that everyone has left the house. It also automatically locks the doors and warns you if you have left any windows open


Deter Burglaries 

Rather than reacting to burglaries, deter them from happening in the first place. Get notifications when someone nears your house, or automatically perform actions such as setting the lights to flash red when someone is detected in your back garden. 

get peace of mind

Check on your house at all times, be notified when something unusual happens and even answer your door when you aren't in. A Smart Home can even warn you if there is a leak and automatically cut the water off saving you thousands £.

control using phone

Your whole smart home security can be controlled using your phone or tablet, wherever you are, providing you have internet access you can check in on your house and not have to rely on your neighbours

A Home That Protects itself

A Smart Home knows when the alarm should be on, either by the lack of motion or other triggers. It can also save you money in damage, by turning off the water supply when a leak is detected

A Home That reacts

An intruder tries to enter your house, the lights come on and then start to flash red when motion is still detected. A smart home can also mimic presence by coming on and off at random intervals whilst you are away on holiday.

WHy Choose Us

Simplifying smart homes


We are Fibaro approved installers, which means we understand the system and the building the best solutions for you.

Reliable WIreless solutions 

No Internet needed to operate a Fibaro wireless home automation system. This clever wireless solution actually works better the more devices you have connected.

Costs less, does the same

Traditional smart homes had to be wired, and yes there are wired solutions out there, however large companies are seeing the benefit of wireless solutions.



When we install the devices, we don't need to rewire your house, whether you are developing a house or have a finished home. We don't need to knock down walls and can you even take it with you if you move


CCTV cameras alone will not prevent a burglary, deter them by integrating all your home to protect itself on one app.

  • CCTV - Protect your home with high quality cameras, that can trigger the alarm or lights to come on

  • Smart Alarms - Our Motion sensors can detect motion, heat levels, levels of light. So can actually act as an alarm, trigger the heating to come on in certain rooms only or activate the lights if the light levels drop below a certain level.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Keep your family safe, trigger the lights to turn blue and trigger a siren when CO is detected.

  • Smart Door Locks - Automatically Lock your doors or be warned if left unlocked

  • Smart Doorbells - Your doorbell rings, you are watching a movie. The sound turns down on your surround sound speakers notifying you that someone is at the door, or flashes the lights.

  • Smart Smoke Alarms - Your home detected smoke, the lights come on flash red, and you are notified wherever you are in the world. 




  • Lighting Automation

  • Scene Creation

  • Alarm Integration

  • Voice Control

Heating & Energy

  • Smart Thermostats

  • Zoned Heating

  • Blind and Curtain control

  • Self Learning


  • Home Cinema

  • Media Rooms

  • Multiroom Audio

  • Living Room Cinemas


  • Integrate all aspects of your home

  • Automate chores 

  • Create the ultimate home


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