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What is Smart Heating

automatically Save money

A Smart Thermostat gives you the ability to control your heating wherever you are, but they also provide the added advantage of saving you money. When integrated into a smart home it detects where you are and when you are due to come back, when you aren't in you heating turns itself off. When you are due to come back home, it comes back on. It also knows when the window has been left open meaning the heating wont come on

control heating on the go

Control your heating wherever you are, stopping off at friends on the way back home? Turn your heating off and set to come on when you leave their house. Controlling your heating on the go means that you no longer waste energy, nor do you come back to a cold home. 

Smart Heating & Energy Package

Save money without having to think about it

Rather than buying individual Smart Home products, make the most out of them by enabling them to work together. These are just some of the possibilities;
  • Your heating automatically turns on or off when you leave or are due to arrive

  • Control your heating wherever you are

  • Activate your heating for each room rather than the whole house


  • Smart Thermostat

  • Smart Radiator Thermostat                                                                     

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Free 3 month Support

From: £359

How we can help you

Simplifying smart homes

We sell Individual 


We use and sell the best Smart Home products on the market. So whether you simply want to add to your existing Smart Home or want to take small steps in turning your home into a smart home, we can advise you the best way to achieve this.

We create Affordable packages

Although Smart Homes are now more affordable than ever, we understand that turning your home into a Smart Home can be daunting to start with, we have created easy to understand packages so that when the time is right for you can take your next step, and you can slowly, or very quickly turn your home into a smart home. We will ensure your devices work perfectly with each other and will demonstrate how you new devices work 

We Install 

and support

Whether you want your home turning into a smart home, or you would like help installing a smart thermostat or Smart Cameras, or even help you configure your Alexa, what ever the issue, if its 'smart' related we can help. We can help you turn your home into a Smart Home and ensure you know how it works before we leave.

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Turn your home into a smart home step by step


  • Great wow factor

  • Combine with home security

  • Automate your savings

Smart speakers

  • Amazing sound in every room

  • Use speakers to act as siren

  • Control with your voice

Smart security

  • Deter Burglaries 

  • Peace of mind

  • Increase security by automating

full smart home automation

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