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outstanding quality 

Sonos are the ultimate wireless speakers that are perfect for Smart Home integration, but also provide rich, crystal clear sound perfect for listening to music, watching movies or playing video games. 

integrate into smart home

Sonos sound systems can be integrated into smart homes meaning all your connected devices work in partnership with each other. For example you are listening to music somone rings the door bell, normally you wouldnt hear with the music on but now the volume on your speakers turn down and inform you that someone is at the door. 

control with your voice

You can use your Sonos speakers to play and control songs, playlists and radio stations and can even play music from your chosen music provider, whether thats Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and many more.

act as siren

When your speakers are integrated into a smart home your can activate them to perform as sirens, or as detterants. So when your camera detects someone in the garden and you aren't in the speakers might play dog barking noises. But when one of your window or door sensors detect activity then a siren might sound. 


We create stunning Home Cinemas with immersive sounds, visuals, and lights. Better still we integrate everything into with home automation. So the press of that button dims the lights, turns the projector on, sets the perfect volume on those amazing speakers, whilst the rest of your house is armed and protecting itself.

Media ROoms

Don't have the room for a cinema room? Fear not, we can turn your LivingRoom into the media room you thought you could never have. We add hidden surround sound, TVs that look like pictures, and lighting that truly impresses. 

WHy Choose Us

Simplifying smart homes

Experts in Smart homes

We are Fibaro approved installers, which means we understand the system and the building the best solutions for you.

Reliable WIreless solutions 

No Internet needed to operate a Fibaro wireless home automation system. This clever wireless solution actually works better the more devices you have connected.

Costs less, does the same

Traditional smart homes had to be wired, and yes there are wired solutions out there, however large companies are seeing the benefit of wireless solutions.



When we install the devices, we don't need to rewire your house, whether you are developing a house or have a finished home. We don't need to knock down walls and can you even take it with you if you move

Multi Room Audio in a Smart Home

Audio can play a vital role to play in a Smart Home which you probably never thought of.

  • Motion Sensors - We can activate your speakers to come on depending on which room you are in. 

  • Smart Alarms - Rather than using a siren, we can integrate your speakers into an alarm routine, so when the alarm is activated your speakers play siren sounds. 

  • Deter burglars - Rather than waiting for a burglary to happen, we can trigger the sound of dog barking noises  from your speakers to deter a burglar. 

  • Warn or remind - Speakers can be used to warn or remind you when something isn't quite right. For example if a door has been left open you can be reminded

  • Smart Doorbells - When the doorbell rings your music will be paused and you will notified of someone being at the door.

  • Stunning sound - Best of all, you have stunning sounds wherever you are in the house.




  • Lighting Automation

  • Scene Creation

  • Alarm Integration

  • Voice Control

Heating & Energy

  • Smart Thermostats

  • Zoned Heating

  • Blind and Curtain control

  • Self Learning



  • Home Cinema

  • Media Rooms

  • Multiroom Audio

  • Living Room Cinemas


  • Integrate all aspects of your home

  • Automate chores 

  • Create the ultimate home


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