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AADO Smart Home was established in 2018 by now company owners Daniel and Aleksandra Huthwaite. Having used Smart Home technology and voice enabled assistants in our own family home, we saw the benefits it provides to our home and family almost immediately. ​ 

We noticed that now more than ever a Smart Home can have a lot more benefits than just impressing our friends by being able to turn the lights on and off using your voice (don't get me wrong, that's cool as well). Our home is our nest, the place we go to spend quality time together, a place that should be looked after and secured, but also has to be managed, imagine if it managed itself and secured itself as well as doing some of your house chores...Sounds too good to be true right?...wrong. 

We understand that the idea of having a Smart home can be quite daunting as well as expensive and complicated and we understand why you might think that. We also respect that the majority of people love the idea of having smart security cameras, smart doorbells and automating their home however wouldn't know where to start. ​AADO solve all of these problems, we provide affordable and simple solutions as well as being the come to place for all services relating to Smart Homes. We can take the confusion and hassle away from installing just one devices to installing a whole smart home. Whether you want advice on products, want to simply buy the products, device set up and installation, or even require a Full install of one room or a whole house. When creating a new smart home for you, we take the time to get to know and understand exactly what you want to achieve. We recommend and advise based on your preferences and the outcomes you want to achieve.  

why us


We understand that even the thought of installing smart home technology can be daunting and understanding how it works. Which is why we use systems that are simple to use and very easy to understand. Your home won't need rewiring or your walls wont need knocking down, we may need to drills a few holes but that's where it ends. We can help you install your smart home in a few hours, rather than traditional ways that would have taken weeks to install. 


Due to the reason above, the cost of installing smart home technology previously could have been quite considerable. Now though, with devices such as Ring doorbells or Nest cameras the cost has drastically reduced. Meaning overall Smart Homes can be installed for a lower cost, we specialise in ensuring all smart home devices work together, creating home automation. 


Whether its advising you on what products to buy to add to your Smart Home, providing after sales advice or by servicing your home. We can support you with all aspects of your smart home, we are here to help you get the most out of your smart home.  

full control

Although we here to help you if you need it, you will be left with a smart home that you will be in full control over. Only you or designated family member will have access to your information, we don't store you password or have access to any of your information. You can disable or enable parts of your system or add new devices without the need for us to install. We can grow your Smart Home when you are ready, and take it one step at a time. We wont rush you and we wont put pressure on you buying anything you don't want. 

Our guarentee

The Smart Home industry is growing at an incredible rate, ​some of the biggest manufacturers in the world are releasing and developing which 5 years you would have only been able to dream of. ​At Aado we want to give you, the customers complete control and flexibility. Which is why we don't limit ourselves to using just one of these companies. All the manufactures products are amazing in different ways. However ensuring they work together is the most vital part in any Smart Home. 

We choose the products to use based on your requirements and what you want to achieve, we find the best products and ensure they fit with your budget. There are some products for example that do the same as a cheaper version however have a better design. We will also ensure your products come with warranty in case anything goes wrong, we can easily replace them. ​We guarantee that you will satisfied with the service provided by Aado, we work tirelessly to ensure you, the customer receive the best possible outcome so that you can most the most of your new smart home features. 

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